Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Q as Early Jewish Mystery-Discourse

Looking forward to presenting a paper in the Q section at the annual meeting of the SBL in Boston this year. The title is “‘I Thank You, Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth’ (Q 10:21): Q As Early Jewish Mystery-Discourse.” Here is the Abstract:

Since the late 1950s, Q has been identified as distinctive – a “second sphere” within the early Jesus movement – combining both wisdom and apocalyptic traditions in its Christological conceptualization of Jesus. Like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Q represents a textual-scribal product of Early Judaism reflecting an alternative navigation of disaffiliation with the traditional practices of the Temple cult. This paper explores how Q 10:21, in its direct appeal to the Father, participates in Q’s wider esoteric discourse of hiddenness and disclosure, articulating its “difference” by representing Jesus’ identity, kingdom-vision, end-time revelation, and prayer-instruction as secret mysteries of and for the elect.

Photo: 7Q5 (Qumran Greek papyrus)