Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bishop Steven Charleston on Holy Man: The USA vs. Douglas White

"As a Christian, I am vowed by my baptism to be aware of and responsive to injustice. As a bishop of the Church and a professor of theology, I am well aware of the historic injustice practiced by my faith against Native American people. As a Native elder myself and follower of our traditional ways, I am committed to healing the spiritual wounds inflicted by this continuing injustice. For all three of these reasons, I urge every person . . . to watch Holy Man: The USA vs. Douglas White. This film weaves together the threads of conflict between two religions, the tragic history of colonial oppression, the pervasive power of racism, and the ongoing suppression of Native culture by a government long corrupted by its own colonial legacy. Holy Man is a film about Douglas White, but it is a story as old as Jesus. It is an ancient narrative, acted out over centuries around the world, but it is as contemporary as the terror that haunts our daily news."

Steven Charleston, author of The Four Vision Quests of Jesus
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska